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Hello! My name is Mary Anne.  I’m not a fashion student, stylist, or a designer.  I'm actually a science student, (I won't specify which one ;) but I love styling, and like many others, I love fashion.

About my Pages

I started posting OOTDs the summer of 2013 on my Instagram, and I realized that a lot of people share the same interest I have in fashion.  My boyfriend took my pictures for his photography "trials"/assignments.  He often ended up with tons of great portrait shots and nobody to share them with.  I've decided to start a blog to post my OOTDs, my love for fashion, and my random adventures.

I'm a college student, and like others like me, I'm strapped for time.  I'll try my best to update this blog as much as I can.

Like many others, I've been struggling with acne for a big chunk of my life.  For me, I started to get them when I was 12.  I've tried so many things on my face, and I've done tons of research to get it under control.  Unfortunately, it's still an uphill battle for me.  My skin is not perfect.  Skin is always changing.   I'm always trying new products to make it better and healthier.
I seem to have sensitive, combination, acne prone skin.  It's absolutely difficult for me to find products that suit my skin type, and I can't just change the makeup or regimen because I'll break out.  Thankfully, my skin has gotten so much better over the years.

Comic books  and Geek-tastic content?
I love them.  So, if you're looking that that kind of material in one blog, then I might be your girl.  I'll write about comics that I'm currently reading and raving about.  I'm not gonna lie, I'm a Marvel girl.  Not to say I don't like DC characters! Actually, one of my favorite super hero is Batman.  However, for some reason, my interest seems to divert towards Marvel comics.
I love Dr. Who! I'm a die hard Whovian, and I've seen all the episodes both classic and current. Enough said about that. 

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